ProperFocus Reading Glasses Review

properfocus glasses

Tired of squinting trying to read your phone or laptop? Sick of not being able to see people, wildlife, and objects in the distance? Well we have a solution, ProperFocus reading glasses.

Most of us have vision challenges of some type. Some are near sighted, others are far sighted, many more have astigmatism that makes everything blurry.

And to make matters worse, our eye site deteriorates as we get older. What you could see clearly 10 or 15 years ago is blurry and hard to see today.

Most people spend hundreds of dollars on prescription glasses and contacts. We take time out of work to go to an optometrist or ophthalmologist specialist. That’s expensive and often uncomfortable.

The doc has you look through multiple lenses and decipher charts that make you leave with a headache and big hole in your bank account.

ProperFocus is the Best New Innovation in Vision Correction

helps you read better close and far away

These remarkable, yet highly affordable, reading glasses are fully ADJUSTABLE. Simply use the little dials on the sides of the lenses to adjust the magnification.

It takes just seconds to dial in the perfect custom magnification for super clear up-close reading and handy work. Then dial again to see distant objects with complete clarity.

Keep in mind we are getting perfect clear, sharp, detailed, color correct vision with a very affordable single pair of ProperFocus glasses.

They are lightweight made of ultra durable materials that will withstand lots of daily use. The Polycarbonate lenses are tough and scratch resistant. I wouldn’t hesitate to keep these in the glove compartment of my car to pull out to read a medicine bottle, go over a receipt with fine print, then clearly see messages on my phone with no trouble at all.

Then I use the little dials on the sides of the lenses to get custom magnification for distant objects. Now I’m seeing buildings in the distance, birds flying, and my son waiving to me from the school yard several blocks away.

See ProperFocus In Action:

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Big Improvement Over Expensive Tri-Focals

Up until now you had to go to the eye doctor to get fitted with a fancy pair of tri-focals in order to clearly see up close, middle distance, and far away. Not only did that cost you several hundred dollars minimum, you had to wait a week or two to get your glasses, then take a few days or weeks to train your eyes to use them.

Even after struggling through the adjustment period, LOTS of people never find bi-focals and tri-focals to be comfortable. Having to tilt your head up and down to see things is awkward and, frankly, makes me feel like the old man I am LOL.

I found ProperFocus adjustable focus reading glasses to be a breath of fresh air. With one pair you can CLEARLY see detailed view of both up close and far away. It’s the affordable vision correction most of us need for a more rewarding life.

Ideal Reading Glasses

By far the number one need for glasses is for reading. Printed text can seem blurry and hard to decipher. You have to hold the page close, squint, rub your eyes, take a deep breath, then maybe you can start to read the small print.

In the past, many people went to the drug store and bought several pair of cheap reading glasses. You picked through the glasses in stock to find some that looked kind of clear. You took those home, left them near places you often have to read things – the kitchen, office, bedside table – then tried to find them when you had to read something.

Drug store reading glasses are an imperfect solution. They break easily, never fit quite right, and look kind of corny.

ProperFocus let you get a perfect custom magnification simply by adjusting the little dials on the ends of the frames. It literally takes me 2 second to focus on a printed page, label, laptop screen, or phone.

Helps Reduce Eye Strain

I don’t have to tell you about the headaches and eye strain constant squinting leads to. After a session of working on my laptop, phone, or reading a book – my eyes are always sore and I feel a headache coming on.

Even with prescription glasses, I’m squinting and straining to read. The cold truth is most of us don’t get our prescription glasses updated nearly often enough. If it’s been a couple of years since you got your glasses, they are probably out of date and no longer giving you the right magnification.

I use ProperFocus to give a highly affordable proper magnification. It’s the simple, no hassle way to see clearly without having to spend hundreds of dollars at the optometrist.

Perfect for Concerts, Sports, and Travel

It’s easy to dial in sharp, clear distant views with ProperFocus glasses. I often use them at football games and at a big outdoor concerts to clearly see the band. Be sure to take them in the car when you go on trips to national parks, or for rural outings. You can see the sites so much more clearly.

real life example

You’ve Got to Try ProperFocus

Get your pair of ProperFocus glasses and see for yourself just how easy and effective they are. Now available at a discount for a limited time. These will quickly become your favourite adjustable reading glasses. You will wonder how you ever lived without them.

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