EcoHeat Review – This Tiny Heater Will Keep You Warm In Freezing Cold Winters

Don’t risk going through another long, cold winter… — buy EcoHeat instead


BE PREPARED: Meteorologists in the US are saying this winter could be “abnormally cold” and “last longer than usual…”

Is your home too cold during the winter months? Or are you spending a lot of money heating your home? In peak winter it is not fun to suffer in cold. It is also very hard to shower, sleep at night or get out of bed in freezing home conditions.

Our traditional heating is outdated. It is inefficient, slow, and more costly to run every year… Plus, if you want to, you can’t even move your heating around the house.

Thousands of people in the US are now using a much faster and cheaper alternative to warm themselves in this recent cold weather.

What Are We Talking About?

It’s called the EcoHeat — A brand new innovative alternative to traditional home heating. EcoHeat warms you better, faster and for a fraction of the price! It’s perfect for those long, cold winter days and nights!

It’s also stylish, very easy to control and it can warm your home in only a couple of minutes!

ecoheat in the living room

The EcoHeat was designed by two German engineers who were fed up suffering in their homes and cold offices during long winter. They found that gas radiator heating was super inefficient and expensive. The engineers also noted that none of the traditional heating solutions were made to travel or move with.

They designed the ultra compact, portable and very light weight heating device. It uses a only a small fraction of the electricity. Everything without sacrificing the main benefits of an expensive top heating radiator model

It’s tiny, easy to use and can make you warm in only a matter of minutes.

People all over the US are using it to warm their house — the results are incredible…

How Does It Work?

It’s actually very simple…, you plug it into the wall.

Really, all you need is an electrical outlet!

You can set the desired temperature on the digital display (which is also super easy to use).

After that, you will instantly receive the warm air and it will be warm in just a matter of minutes.

Unlike many portable heaters and fans, the EcoHeat is designed to be simple and quick to use with clear and easy to access controls.

How To Buy EcoHeat?

That’s super easy. You can buy it from the supplier’s website by clicking here.

See EcoHeat In Action:

What Makes This Tiny Device So Special?

EcoHeat immediately will heat your personal space. Unlike old heating methods, it doesn’t try to warm the whole house. That’s too expensive and uneconomical!

Reasons why EcoHeat is better than It’s competitors:


  • Costs less
  • Lightweight and portability (just needs a USB battery source)
  • Low energy use
  • Easy controls

EcoHeat uses cutting-edge technology and gives heat exactly where you need it.


“the average homeowner will pay $644 to heat their home this winter using natural gas, $980 using electricity, $1462 using heating oil and $1661 using propane. In all cases, those costs are up from the prior two winters.” 


Does EcoHeat Live Up to its Promises?

Here’s some impressive feedback we got on the EcoHeat from our internal staff testing…

review 1

I love this heater because the winter is coming and I need a small heat to put at my work desk to keep me warm. This item is not only a heater, it is also a fan and I can use it on the summer day.

It easy to control the temperature. Heater has a screen to adjust the temperature. It has a mode button with the LED light to display the mode. The last advantage i want to share about this heater it gives the hot air very fast as soon as you hit the on button.

I recommend customer should buy one for who need a heat up a small space.

Emma Garrity

Nice and powerful heater! The temperature here in CA dropped last week so I purchased this heater for my bedroom. It’s incredibly powerful and warms the room up in a few minutes. It’s easy to set it to my desired temperature. Once reached, I turned it down to low and leave it on all night.

Mike Smith

The fan and heater were both very gentle and didn’t cause a lot of noise pollution in our quiet workspace. The buttons are easy to use and easy to understand. I think with proper maintenance I should be able to use this item for a long time. It’s putting out sufficient heat at medium levels. Also, I started with the fan and that was very refreshing. The turn mode has a good rotation angle, and that’s quiet too. It’s such a great workplace heater.

Jonas Peri

Conclusion: Is It Really Worth It?

In short, yes!

Such a quality unit for this price makes us definitely say yes! Its portable, powerful, effective and cheap to run. Just think how amazingly cosy and comfortable you can get with your EcoHeat.

ecoheat s pushing out heat.

Where Can I Get My EcoHeat?

If it’s still in stock, here where you can get yours:

Order a genuine EcoHeat from the official website here.

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